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Reconnect with all of your pleasure points with the refreshed INA WAVE 2. LELO has redesigned the INA WAVE to feature more power, greater motor strength, and 12 levels of intensity. Made from 100% body-safe silicone, the INA WAVE 2 feels smooth and silky and glides across your intimate areas with pleasurable ease. Dual-action pleasure fingers do all the work to simultaneously stimulate your G Spot and your clitoris as you lay back and fall deep into a world of pleasure and bliss. Let go of the day’s stressors and melt into your bed, the couch, or just about anywhere you feel comfortable with the INA WAVE 2 and its 4.3” of insertable length. With the INA WAVE 2, the power is all at the tip of your fingers with easy-to-use input controls and 12 intensity settings. Wondering what the WAVE in INA WAVE is? Well, let me explain as simply as one could. Take your hand and make a fist with your fingers pointed towards yourself. Now lift your index finger from the fist and make a wave motion as if you’re trying to tell someone to come here with your finger. There you have it, the WAVE in INA WAVE. With that being said, in addition to the vibration, you’ll also get the sensation of having a nice girthy finger massaging your G spot to ecstasy.


In addition to the varying intensities of vibration, you’ll also be experiencing an exciting finger-like massaging motion that can be adjusted to be as intense as you like.


LELO has expanded the range of intensity levels to 12, so you can fine-tune your experience like a tailor-made ballroom gown designed to complement your figure. There’s no such thing as too much pleasure, and the INA WAVE 2 is sure to prove that point.


LELO has bumped up the power, increasing it by 30%! The additional boost can now support more intense sessions and can send those vibrations even deeper than before, causing you to fall even further into bliss and ecstasy. We hope you’re ready for the experience you’re about to have because it won’t be like anything you’ve ever felt before.

3 Easy How-to Steps to Get the INA WAVE 2 Working for You!

STEP 1: Warm yourself up by holding the INA WAVE 2 upside down and using the thicker arm to massage your clitoris to get the juices going.
STEP 2: Gently insert the same thick arm you used to warm up inside yourself, thrusting in/out or up/down at your desired pace, preferably against your G Spot. You can also activate the wave to get the toy to do the work for you!
STEP 3: Have fun with it! Explore the patterns and intensities built into the INA WAVE 2 to find the combination that sends you over the edge and leaves you wanting more.

What Comes in the Box with the INA WAVE 2?

USB-Charging Cord
Satin Storage Pouch
Warranty Registration Card
Detailed Instruction Manual