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Be You, yet keep it just a bit nasty! You'll want to take your anal bead playing to the next level with them, regardless of whether you're just starting out or already have years of experience under your belt. The Basic Anal Beads sold by Blush Novelties are constructed out of a sturdy and flexible jelly as well as 10 progressive beads that are certain to touch all of the correct locations. The practical loop handle is not only evident during insertion, but also appreciated for the ease with which it facilitates removal. If you want to boost both of your enjoyment, ladies, test them vaginally first. Also, remember that going from vaginal to anal is fine, but you should clean your toys thoroughly before going from anal to vaginal. Features: You only need one finger to operate it, and the convenient pull ring gives you complete control over your anal playtime. You Are Able To Begin On A Dime Thanks To The String Of Ten Graduated Beads That Is Provided To You. Pleasant and Uncomplicated - FOR BEGINNERS - And Anal Pros. It can twist and bend to provide a comfortable fit for your body type.